Islamabad- The Estate Office has vacated around 1,345 houses from illegal/unauthorised occupants in the federal capital with the help of local administration. 

   Sharing the ministry’s endeavours for streamlining the allotment process, official sources in the Estate Office said that as many as 2,245 houses were allotted to the government employees on merit basis. 

    They said the Ministry of Housing and Works had completed the data entry process for all allotments of government accommodations (category wise) and made it available at the Estate Office website to ensure transparency in the allotment process. 

   The allottees can check the allotment status in the category of their respective department on the website, they added. The sources said the personal data including Computerized National Identity Cards (CNIC) and date of birth had been excluded from the data entered on the website in order to ensure security of personal data. 

They said the deployment of Management Information System (MIS) to automate the overall procedures of the organisation would enhance the efficiency as well as affectivity for better service delivery.

Scanning and archiving of all files of allottees to mitigate the risks/catastrophe and readily availability of the valuable information of allottees, they added.

Above all, he said the Estate Office disposed of 816 litigation cases in various courts.

At the present, around 29,000 federal government employees have been residing in the government residences, they said, confirming the shortage of facility. The waiting list has been growing gradually due to increase in number of new applicants.

They said that concentrated efforts were being made at the governmental level since the country had been facing a shortfall of approximately 9-10 million housing units.

The source pointed out that no government houses had been built since 1995 as a ban was imposed on the construction of new facility by the then federal cabinet.