ISLAMABAD - Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA) has started an online one-year film course to become a professional film maker. The course offers a foundation for understanding cinema-and its relation to culture, history, technology and aesthetics-film studies. Multi-talented filmmaker Nadeem Baig joined the ongoing seminar class and taught by Dr. Fouzia, as a guest speaker.

The session was broadcasted live which allowed people from around the world to listen to Baig’s insights, an official of PNCA said here Sunday. He said that there were about 19 students who belong to different parts of Pakistan and have come under one umbrella to learn film making. He said that the students got a chance to interact with someone who has worked in the industry for so long and they raised important questions to get more clarity of the production process. Nadeem Baig identified that reading is the beginning of telling stories and really teaches us how to capture the audience’s attention. He said that the students will be encouraged to be innovative in their approach as they sharpen their skills in expressing their ideas. He said that the curriculum is a mix of intellectual understanding, skill based learning and on-the-ground experience of working in a professional environment.

He said that the program focused on film production with a full understanding of film making.                                             Various fields of film production will be offered to develop a more focused area of interest. He said that the best local and international faculty will be teaching everything to become a professional film maker.