It heartens me when we see the huge crowd of people assembled at the Bagh-e-Jinnah, Karachi, and one day earlier at the Gujranwala district Punjab. The so-called gathering of political parties is to pose pressure on to the PTI-ruling government for not delivering to the expectation of the people.

It is sad to state that the PDM alliance has risked the lives of a thousand people who have a gathering while ignoring the spell of the second wave of the coronavirus. It is a clear contradiction by the opposition parties and the siting PPP which rules Sindh. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, the CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah kept telling people every day that the corona is a deadly virus, that it shall cost human loss at a greater level. He has emphatically insisted on the central government for not taking desired precautions of controlling the coronavirus from its rapid and rampant spread. 

Due to the hazard of the coronavirus, the educational institutions remained off for a period of long seven months. Time and again, the NCOC chairman has alarmed the rapid increase of corona-infected cases in the country. But, now, it heartens me that how contradiction is in the statement of the CM Murad Ali Shah who had been constantly criticizing the PM Imran Khan and his advisor cabinet for not taking the right decisions for controlling the coronavirus.  

Now when it is in their interest, they have started gathering the crowds of people at Karachi and Punjab, the big populated provinces. They ignore the precautions and of the coronavirus. Masks can be hardly seen in the crowds of thousand people who fill the rallies. 

It is time that our nation must realize the truth that our political leaders have no business being honest with the people. They sustain only to fill their pockets and befool the underprivileged people. It is a testing time for the nation to uphold the passions and we must understand that if we neglect the second wave outbreak of Covid-19, then we will have nothing left to repent.

The opposition party alliance and the incumbent government are urged to appease the blame game and don’t come out on grounds with large gatherings because they will cost us with the lives of innocent people at the end.