ISLAMABAD- The 12th annual two-day symposium of Pakistan Hypertension League (PHL) will be held in Islamabad from 18 to 19 October . Dr Shahbaz Kureshi, Convenor PHL announced this in a press briefing held prior to the symposium here on Thursday. Pakistan Hypertension is organising the annual symposium with a theme "lower is better". Doctors suggest controlling the blood pressure between 100 by 70 to live a long and health life. State of the art lecture will be delivered in the seminar and on the first day of the seminar a two-hour awareness session will be held for general public, he informed. Focus of this symposium will be how to control the ever-increasing hypertension disease among people, he added. Hypertension is termed as a silent killer by health experts, as it affects one billion people worldwide and about 20 per cent of people are affected in Pakistan by this disease. In Pakistan out of every five, one person is suffering through hypertension and the unfortunate thing is that mostly people are unaware of this fact, he lamented. He said that in our country at the age of 75 almost 90 per cent of people are having high blood pressure. He said hypertension despite being a readily identifiably and reversible disease, it is increasing among people specially a large number of youngster are falling its prey. At the age of 20 almost 18 per cent youngster are having hypertension and ironically most of them are unaware of this fact. Lacks of exercise obesity, smoking and stress increase the chances of having high blood pressure, he further added. Hypertension usually caused damaged to brain, heart eyes, and kidneys. Pakistan Hypertension League that is also affiliated with the World Hypertension League was established in 1997 and it is striving hard to save the Pakistani people from this killer disease. The purpose behind establishing this organisation was to conduct researches in Pakistan and to sort out way how to overcome and control hypertension. Around 400 health experts including eminent cardiologist, physicians are expected to attend this symposium. Experts from abroad are also invited to attend this symposium. While speaking on the occasion Dr Inam-ul-Hqa conference secretary urged people to must go for a blood pressure check up so they can keep it under control to live a health life. He said hypertension or blood pressure does not have any significant symptoms to be detected so it is must get blood pressure check up within short intervals.