The statement by Libyan President Maummar Gaddafi, in his address to the UN General Assembly, on Kashmir indicates his ignorance of the conflict. He observed that Kashmir should neither be a part of India nor Pakistan but a separate state. Much to one's chagrin, he stopped short of shedding light on the issue any further. To begin with, it is very unfortunate that a leader from the Muslim World of global stature should be having such half-baked ideas on an issue that is undoubtedly at the centre stage of tensions in South Asia. It is also one of the most dangerous conflicts in the world because it threatens a conflagration between two nuclear-armed states. What he has suggested, not only runs counter to the UN Security Council resolutions, it also flies in the face of the popular demand in the valley that calls for bringing an end to Indian occupation. One would have wished, he had given the Indian leadership a serious dressing down for its illegal occupation of the valley. Since the atrocities committed by the Indian security forces are internationally known, it is quite disturbing to see him sidestep the point. So far thousands have been mercilessly killed. New Delhi, despite boasting of being the world's biggest democracy still continues to spill the blood of the Kashmiris with impunity. Gaddafi would have earned ringing applause had he highlighted the need to respect the Security Council resolutions that give the Kashmiri people the right to self-determination through a plebiscite, something that New Delhi has been defying all along. As one analyst has put it, India has made Occupied Kashmir the largest concentration camp in the world today. Most importantly, Gaddafi's outburst on Kashmir was a reminder of the guilty silence of the Muslim leaders at large who have invariably been found wanting in their obligation of forcefully taking up the Kashmiri cause. The collective platform of the OIC for that matter has also shamefully failed in highlighting the issue in its true perspective. Instead of floating such ridiculous theories, leaders from the Muslim world should be joining forces to help the Kashmiris in their struggle to liberate themselves from the Indian yoke and exercise their UNSC guaranteed right of self determination.