The information technology has helped the humans know about the unknown and see and hear all that is happening in our world in this instant. The Pakistani electronic media, having more than 30 active news channels, is covering everything but finds it difficult to provide the required content of 24 hours and are short of new subjects and new guests for their talk shows. Many talk shows keep politicizing even the non-issues with about the same panel of guest politicians in an effort to stay afloat the airwaves. Most TV anchors have long experience of having worked for the print media. They are, therefore, easily able to dominate the show, sometimes actually creating the impression that the host is the guest and the guest is the host. I for one cannot understand why the producers of these talk shows are not calling the renowned experts of the subjects under discussion from universities, research institutes and other private sector institutions. The 'chosen guests' in these talk shows are so limited that one guest is often seen holding forth on three or four channels the same evening giving his own tired version on a whole spectrum of subjects, no matter if he does not have the basic knowledge of any of these subjects. The political parties, because of having only a limited number of leaders who can speak on public television with any facility, send only the chosen ones to these shows. Thus, the anchors take the whole time telling the nation their sterling views on everything under the sun. -ENGR. S. T. HUSSAIN, Lahore, September 25.