Angelina Jolie is off her food - causing insiders to speculate her relationship with partner Brad Pitt is on the rocks. Again. The actress, 34, has reportedly lost 10lb due to stress since she and Pitt returned to Chateau Miraval in the South of France a month ago to supposedly rebuild their relationship. Angelinas off her food again, which is a sure sign the relationships in trouble. Her bones were jutting out and she looks ill, a source told a British magazine. Brads stopped trying to persuade her to eat, even though shes down to less than 7st 2lb. He says she doesnt listen to him, so its pointless. Its like hes given up, full stop, on their relationship. The couple - who raise six children together - have apparently come to blows over Jolies various humanitarian projects. Brad admires her, but he feels its gone too far and isnt for him, said the source. While shes touring refugee camps and meeting officials, he has to look after the kids. He has nannies to help, but its still exhausting. Hes drowning his sorrows with alcohol. The pace of his life is manic, so his way of calming down is to have a few drinks. Brad didnt go with Ange to the refugee camp in Kenya or when she took their daughter Zahara, four, to Ethiopia last Wednesday. Hes heading to LA soon to seal a few movie projects and hes spent several days on his own this month visiting an urban regeneration project in Spain. It hasnt been the peaceful summer they needed for their relationship and now theyre going their separate ways again. Showbizspy