KARACHI - City Naib Nazim Karachi Nasreen Jalil has said three is dire need to promote book culture at all levels, adding nations ignoring education would lag behind in the race of development. She said books are very good companions of human being. They leave a lasting impact on their lives, which also reflect their personality. People who love books crease a healthy society, Jalil added. City Naib Nazim expressed these views while addressing the concluding session of 23rd annual book fair, organized jointly by Bazm-e-Adab Faroog-o-Fun and Farid Publishers. She felicitated Syed Farid Hussain of Faird Publishers and applauded his endeavours for holding 23rd annual book fair. She said we should encourage such institutions and people who are striving for promoting of literature and culture. We have to pay special heed towards establishing libraries and making them functional, she said. The book fair was held from 1st Ramadan to 29th Ramazan in which various publishers of the country displayed their books for s\\ale on discounted prices. Leader treasury benches in City Council Asif Siddiqui, President Karachi Press Club Imtiaz Khan Faran, artist Ayaz Khan, poet Nasir Anjum were also present.