ISLAMABAD - Despite the heated debate in the media, the diplomatic missions remain indifferent towards reports slamming their working in residential areas amid an already charged controversy regarding their existence in the housing localities of the capital. It merits recalling here that this newspaper had published a news story about the exact number of diplomatic missions operating outside diplomatic enclave in Islamabad after Chairman Capital Development Authority (CDA) Imtiaz Inayat Elahi had apprised the Senates Standing Committee on Interior that only 43 foreign missions were working in the residential areas of the Capital. Negating what the Chairman CDA had told the Senates Standing Committee on Interior, TheNations investigation had revealed that as many as 62 foreign embassies were operating in housing localities while twenty-five foreign missions were located inside Diplomatic Enclave, with the total number of foreign embassies located here being 87. A further probe into the matter revealed that the embassies of European countries situated in the boutique sectors of Islamabad like F-6, F-7, F-8 and E-7 have sealed those roads where these embassies are situated and erected huge wall-like cemented blocks on their outer perimeter in complete disregard to the local civil laws. A noteworthy aspect regarding this practice entails the involvement of landowners who have rented out their residences to diplomatic missions. All foreign missions located in the sectors of F series and E-7 have been hired on rental bases. TheNation has learnt from an authentic source that the construction of cemented blocks at all those roads which are adjacent to foreign embassies has been carried out by diplomatic missions in collusion with their landowners, in total defiance of Pakistani laws. A source in the city administration confided to this newspaper that with the involvement of landowners, the concerned embassies have unlawfully blocked some roads in residential sectors without consulting any Pakistani authority in this regard. They have done that with the help of influential landowners who stay above the law. The worst part is that these diplomatic missions have got away with it without being noticed, this correspondent was told. Another noteworthy aspect of this episode involves the sheer ignorance of our government departments towards the matter. The senior officials of CDA, city administration and the capital police have expressed their ignorance towards the practice of erecting illegal barricades for embassies protection. We dont have any knowledge as to who has done this but Im sure these embassies must have taken permission from responsible authorities before erecting barricades and blocking the roads, a senior office bearer of CDA told this correspondent. When reminded that CDA was the concerned authority regarding the grant of any such permission like blocking roads for security purposes and removing of all those barricades that were illegally erected, the CDA 'guru showed his displeasure and said, These matters are very sensitive and cant be solved as easily as you think He agreed that the influential landowners could be instrumental in assisting the embassies to erect cemented barriers that hinder free movement of pedestrians and motorists in rush hours as numerous embassies are located near schools and colleges.