Last month, an Overseas Pakistanis website had commented that "The CM Punjab is Khadem-e-Aala no more but a Chief Minister now". I understood the meaning of this yesterday when I myself received a stinker in my case from the Khadem-e-Aala Secretariat. It also confirmed the general belief that only professional columnists with obvious vested interests have been drum-beating about his fabled abilities of administration. During the last year or so, hundreds and hundreds of columns have been printed to prove that CM Punjab is the only good administrator in the country that can turn it round. The Khadem-e-Aala may have been a really public-spirited leader wishing to help the common man but he must realise that one man alone cannot do anything. Unless each member of his team is with him, he can achieve nothing. With the present lot, including his current Director CM Complaint Cell, he is unlikely to deliver anything except for routine development work like building of new roads etc. Two days back, in a column by Rauf Kalasra, he had quoted a barrister saying that when he recently phone the Samanabad Police Station Faisalabad, the police allegedly advised him to contact the brother-in-law of the Punjab Law Minister for 'muk-mukaa' as the police by itself could do nothing in the case. Rauf Kalasra also questioned the much-talked about 'good administration' in Punjab. -MIR AKBAR, Manama Bahrain, September 23.