Like the Nehru family in India, Bhutto family in Pakistan has given lot of sacrifices. The killers of the Nehru family were killed or arrested and punished after their bloody deed, but the killers of Bhutto family were neither killed nor any significant effort was made to arrest them. It is a great irony that Benazir was Prime Minister of Pakistan when her brother was killed and killers never got traced, let alone punished. Many mysteries shroud this failure of the investigating agencies. Now Asif Zardari is the President of the land but no tangible effort is seemingly being made to probe the murder of his wife. This has surely generated many a speculation. The UN probe effort in this regard is nothing but a cruel joke on poor Benazir. The investigators have already said they will not be able to tell who the killers were. If this is so, what the hell are they investigating? Why are we wasting the taxpayers' money on a UN probe team, then? No body knows. -DR. ALI RAZA SOOMROO, Jamshoro, September 25.