The government has prepared the draft for the Holder of Public Office Act 2009 to replace the NAB Ordinance. The new Act to be passed by the parliament may well be called the Corruption Protection Law as it would provide further immunity to all public officeholders against corruption from October 2010. According to this law, no member of Parliament or Provincial Assembly could be arrested without the recommendation of the Special Parliamentary Committees on Ethics in the National Assembly and Provincial Assembly. The member of these committees will be selected from the members of National and Provincial Assemblies who will naturally try to protect their fellow members and political brothers. We know from our past history that whenever a resolutions or bill was introduced in National and Provincial Assemblies regarding the increase of salaries or privileges, all the members supported it. Most politicians generally act as guardians and protectors of the common interest of their class. Pakistan is now ranked at 101st out of 130 countries of the world in corruption. The corruption in the higher echelons of government is all pervasive and has actually become a way of life here. -ENGR. S. T. HUSSAIN, Lahore, September 25.