SYED DANISH HUSSAIN ISLAMABAD - Following their drive of continuous protest against, what they called the 'illegal appointment of senior cardiologist Dr Naeem Tarin as head of cardiac centre of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), senior doctors and paramedical staff on Friday staged a protest demonstration at the hospitals auditorium. It was learnt from reliable sources that al last senior doctors and other faculty members including the paramedical staff of PIMS have finally decided to move the apex court against the decision of the government. In a meeting held on late Friday night they also vowed to take the protest to other parts of the country. During their protest a senior cardiac professor alleged that Dr Tarins political affiliation with the ruling party was the main factor behind his appointment to the said post. Protesters also chanted slogans against Dr Tarin and the Ministry of Health and demanded of the government to reverse its decision with immediate effect. Meanwhile, the protesting doctors and trainee doctors on Friday floated an application to the Executive Director of PIMS under subject 'Unjust and out of turn appointment of Dr Naeem Tareen as Head of Cardiac Centre PIMS in which they have asked him (Executive Director) to clarify and answer, what they called 'a lot of flaws and irregularities regarding the said appointment. The letter said that the appointment of Dr Naeem Tarin at the position was absolutely based on violation of PMDC and Federal Public Service Commission rules, as in the approved PC-1 of the aforementioned centre, no such post was mentioned. It also stated that Dr Tarin had never been a member of teaching faculty and he had never held any teaching position, which is the basic requirement for the filling of the said post. Entry of Dr Tareen on the topmost position is clearly an injustice rendered to the permanent faculty members of PIMS cardiology unit having enough and more experience than. Sources in the Ministry of Health said that the appointment of Dr Tarin was made in accordance with the defined procedures required to fill the post and ministry has officially notified his appointment. However, he was vague in mind that whether the post was advertised in national newspapers or not or any interview held for filling of the post. Official in health ministry said that after getting approval from the Establishment Division the Finance Ministry has also approved the post. However, a senior cardiac professor on the condition of anonymity said that along with his (Dr Tarin) strong political backing he had also paid huge bribe to the said departments. While talking to TheNation, Professor Dr Iqbal Saifullah, former head of cardiac centre of PIMS, said that late next strategy regarding the issue would be evolved and on Saturday he along with the representatives of Pakistan Medical Association and Doctors Academic Council would announce some important announcements. During protest, Shahid Khatak, Sectary General of APPA, assured his full support to the protesting doctors.