PARIS (AFP) - Pros and cons for the four cities bidding to win the right to host the 2016 Summer Olympics which will be voted on by 100-plus IOC members in Copenhagen on October 2 (in alphabetical order): CHICAGO Pros - The not inconsiderable bonus of having the support of the most powerful politician in the world, the President of the United States Barack Obama, former Illinois Senator and resident of the city for nearly 25 years. Recovered a lot of ground recently with agreement from city council to underwrite any cost over runs - the first time that an American candidate city has made such a promise. United States Olympic Committee (USOC) have tried desperately to mend their fences with the IOC after several gaffes - according to IOC President Jacques Rogge to their satisfaction. Cons - An apparent antipathy to America which stems from the Salt Lake City scandal which resulted in the IOC members losing their right to visit the candidate cities. Also IOC members have voiced criticism of the manner of some of the bid members and were especially angered by the behaviour of USOC and its president Larry Probst, who while nothing to do with the bid team has caused enormous discomfort for them over dispersal of funds and moving to set up an Olympic TV network. Both those issues have been resolved but it remains to be seen how deep seated the initial aggrievances went with the members and whether Chicago pays a price for that. MADRID Pros - Crime is not a problem. Popularity is running high to have the Games which is something that plays well with the IOC members and the infrastructure is already extremely good. Bid chief Mercedes Coghen - the captain of the women's Olympic field hockey gold medal winning team in 1992 - is a distinct bonus though is not shoved to the fore often enough. Also the role former IOC president Juan-Antonio Samaranch plays could be crucial and how many favours he can still call in. Then there is the lasting positive legacy of the successful 1996 Olympics in Barcelona, the first time ever they had been held in Spain. Cons - Were harmed by the report of the International Olympic Evaluation Commission (IOC) which said that certain venues they claimed to have ready were not there. Also have compared to the other bids played a relatively low-key campaign of late especially in Berlin for the athletics world championships in August where the other three were everywhere to be seen and continually lobbying. They may be counting on the magic of Samaranch to deliver them the Games but as one source close to the IOC put it to AFP in Berlin: "Madrid seem to think that they have the votes in the bag, which I can tell you is simply not the case and is a huge error on their part." RIO DE JANEIRO Pros - The IOC love to talk about legacy and to give the Games for the first time ever to a South American country would be for them as significant as the awarding of the Games to Beijing back in 2001. Also it would give IOC President Jacques Rogge a genuine legacy when he steps down after the London Games in 2012, he is running for a second term in Copenhagen where he is unopposed. They have run an inspired campaign, packed with all the emotion and passion that Chicago have lacked, and hammered home the message that they have the finances to ensure everything is ready on time. President Lula's impassioned lobbying all round the world has also been a huge plus. Cons - Crime is definitely a problem area. Also a fairly chaotic organisation of the Pan American Games in 2007 still lingers in the memories of several of the IOC members who attended them. Former FIFA President Joao Havelange's claims to have 20 votes already in the bag but naming the members could backfire in an election where the members pride themselves on it being a secret ballot. Also, some close to the IOC have also queried whether the body would want to risk having two relatively untried hosts of the Games in succession with Russian Black Sea resort Sochi holding the 2014 Winter Games. There are also worries that with the World Cup being hosted in Brazil in 2014 raising sponsorship funds will not be as easy and they will have to wait till 2014 just two years before the Games commence. TOKYO Pros - Seen as the safest option by many. Crime is not a major problem and the finances are there and in place. Have campaigned in an understated fashion. Their focus on green issues - something very dear to the heart of Tokyo Governor and award-winning author Shintaro Ishihara who claims that an Olympics in Tokyo would save 'Planet Earth' - will please many in the IOC. Also bid chief Ichiro Kono's 20-year long fight against doping in sport since being shocked by Ben Johnson's dope test at the 1988 Games can also play well. The compactness of the plans for the Games is also in their favour. Cons - Still a concern for several IOC members that it comes too soon to go back to Asia after the immensely successful Beijing Games. Whilst some have appreciated their understated campaigning style others have seen it as not really having the passion to host the Games. Also not speaking in Japanese at their presentations and insisting on speaking in English has lessened the passionate impact of their message, but despite being advised to switch their presentations to speaking in Japanese they have steadfastly refused.