LAHORE (PR) - It is commendable that childrens favourite Magazine Monthly Phool, keeping in mind the prevalent condition of the country, is launching 'Quami Ukjuhti No in which translation of best poems and short stories of children in Sindhi, Punjabi, Balochi and Pashto will be presented. Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif stated this in his special message to Phool Editor M Shoaib Mirza for launching Quami Ukjuhti No. He said we all know that our beloved country is passing through the critical period of its history and it not only facing terrorism as well as radicalism but its enemies are also conspiring to weaken the roots of it. He said this challenge ca be met only by bring unity in the ranks of the nation. Entire nation must get united to strengthen the Quaids Pakistan. And we have to forget our differences and become strong wall against our enemies. Shahbaz said it is commendable that Monthly Phool keeping in mind the importance of unity is performing remarkable services by promoting unity in the country and the nation. He said Phool is favourite magazine of the children and it is rendering great services under the guidance of Majid Nizami. It would not be wrong to say that Phool is preparing new generation for better future of the country. Due to its services our young generation will be ready for defending the ideological boundaries of the countries. He said country can be made progressive and prosperous by educating the young generation. Shahbaz said Punjab government was committed to the education of the young generation and in this respect radical steps were being taken which include Educational Endowment Fund, setting up of computer labs and Danish School Systems in the far off areas of the country. He said I congratulate the entire team of the Phool for launching Quami Ukjuhti No and hope that this new edition would be a masterpiece. H prayed that this Magazine may continue to teach the young generation with its new and novel ideas.