LAHORE - PML-Q President Senator Ch Shujaat Hussain has accused the government of kneeling down to the US dictates after failing to deliver to the masses. Americans have been given free hand to acquire houses in Islamabad and they are roaming freely in bullet proof vehicles without any check. A phone call from the US Secretary makes the rulers to stand up, said Shujaat while addressing a gathering on the occasion of death anniversary of his father, Ch Zahoor Elahi, on Friday. PML Punjab President Ch Pervez Elahi, Ch Wajahat Hussain, Ch Shafaat Hussain, Ch Zaheer uddin, Dr Khalid Ranjha, Mian Imran Masood, Arshad Khan Lodhi, Akmal Cheema and others also spoke on the occasion. Paying tributes to Zahoor Elahi, the speakers vowed to continue his mission of public services. Ch Shujaat and Ch Pervez Elahi said whether their party was in power or in the opposition, the national interests had always remained a priority. That was why, the whole Punjab was remembering them today after the ruling coalition partners had cheated the masses and failed in fulfilling the promises. Shujaat said they did nothing to be ashamed of, their hands were clean, and their endeavours had always been to create consensus and reconciliation. Claiming that the Americans had been given a free hand to do anything at will in Islamabad, he expressed determination that they would not let anyone put a stigma on the name of the country or fulfil his designs against Islam. He said they had always stood against the conspiracies hatched against the country and Islam, and would continue to do so. Whether it was the question of religious column in the ID card and passport or operation against the terrorists and militants, or the recent voices on the blasphemy law, their party had represented peoples will. Speaking on the occasion, Pervaiz said after the demise of Ch Zahoor Elahi people tried to end their politics but failed as they still stayed in politics achieving success at every stage. He blamed the chief minister Punjab for causing a loss of one billion rupees by delaying the construction of IT Centre as after coming to power he (Shahbaz Sharif) stopped work on the project. He said the present rulers had brought about a 100 per cent hike in the prices of items of daily use while unemployment was also growing constantly. Lawlessness is reaching its peak but the coalition has no programme to arrest the situation except doing lip service, he said while recalling the 21 deaths in Karachi during flour and sugar distribution. Elahi claimed that during his tenure, no sugar crisis ever surfaced because they focussed on common men. Pointing to the Rescue 1122 along with provision of free medicines to the poor patients and books to the children, he said a record number of development schemes were completed in the province but the present government, instead of making an addition, was attempting to end them. He charged the Punjab government for taking credit of those projects, which his government had initiated. Elahi also mentioned the spending of Rs 117 billion on the development works in Southern Punjab. Talking about the bureaucracy, he said no officer was ready to carry on job with the present rulers. He said they had ensured a huge foreign investment while every department had been ruined today. He criticised the PML-N provincial government for its failure to establish a team in two years to carry out the routine work. Elahi said the time demanded that party should reach the masses and they would not sit idle at their homes. He said the situation had changed and they felt proud that the masses support for the PML-Q was growing by each day.