LAHORE - Punjab Government has planned to transform 204 flood-hit villages into model villages, which would be provided with all the basic facilities and necessities. These views were expressed by Provincial Law Minister Rana Sana Ullah while addressing a seminar titled "Flood Devastations, National Unity and Media Responsibilities" organised by Hameed Nizami Press Institute of Pakistan on Saturday. He also said Bahrain Chamber of Commerce had signed an agreement with the provincial government for the development of one village, which would be consist of 100 homes, while the Bahrain Chamber would also provide employment one member of each family of these homes in Bahrain. Rana Sana said provincial government was organising a donors' conference for the assistance of flood affectees at Islamabad on September 30. While speaking on the occasion, Director and Chief Coordinator Farmers Associates Pakistan (FAP) Dr Muhammad Tariq Bucha said media should promote those ideas that discuss the better management of water channels and building of water reservoirs. He also proposed that media should divide the urban and rural flood-hit people into two parts for highlighting their issues, as the rural affectees suffered crushing loses in the floods. Dr Bucha further proposed that task forces should be formed for the demarcation of small farmers ownership, who lost their lands in the floods, to control the corrupt practices of revenue officers. President Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry Shahzad Ali Malik said relief work would continue for the flood affectees but the tougher challenge was ahead in the shape of rehabilitation and we should carry out the flood relief activities on the basis of self help. "Time has come to depoliticise the issue of water reservoirs and media should play an aggressive by conducting debates on the said issue", he added. President Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors (CPNE) Khushnood Ali Khan said media was playing a proactive role in highlighting the issues of relief for the affectees and the upcoming task of rehabilitation. About the low coverage of flood-hit areas issues in the past few days, he said media was stuck in the issues of federal government's judicial issues and debate on change of guard, as it wanted to pressurise the rulers to accept the public demand of justice and accountability. Khushnood said people had complete trust in the armed for their services regarding flood relief activities but the Army should restrain itself to the relief activities only. Senior columnist Dr Ajmal Niazi said media should play a leading role for the rehabilitation process of the flood affectees. "We have learnt nothing from the flood devastation, while the Japan has become a big power after its defeat in the Second World War", he added. Senior journalist Mian Fazal Ahmed said task forces consisting of public representatives and members of trade and industry should be formed to overcome the challenge of rehabilitation in a professional manner, as the bureaucracy stuck in red-tapism that could slow the process.