KARACHI Left arm spinner Azam Hussain bagged 12 wickets in Zone IVs seven wickets victory over Zone-V in Karachi Regional Inter-district Senior Cricket here at Landhi Gymkhana ground on Friday. He took five for 61 in the losers first innings which ended at 161 and picked up seven for 41 as Zone-V were bowled out for 99 in the second innings. Zone-IV scored 133 in the first innings with Rashid Hussain contributing the highest 33 and were 128 for three in the second innings after Khalid Latif chipped in 86. The winners raced against time to clinch the winning target which they reached in the 15th over. Off spinner Misbah Khan playing for Zone-VI finished with 13 wickets in the drawn match against Zone-II at Asifabad Cricket ground. He took six for 49 in the Zone-II first innings that terminated at 146 and in the second innings, he improved his wicket haul to seven for 97 as opponents reached 238. Zone-VI scored 282 in the first innings and were 44 for three in the second turn. Third match between Zone-III and Zone-VII at TMC ground ended in a draw. Summarised scores: Zone-IV beat Zone-V by seven wickets at Landhi Gymkhana ground. Zone-V first innings: 161 (Ejaz Khan 28, Malik Aftab 34, Osama Basharat 27, Azam Hussain 5/61, Shahzeb Khan 4/58). Zone-IV first innings: 133 (Muhammad Waqas 33, Muhammed Bilal 29, Rashid Hussain 21, Nadim Shad 22, Atif Maqbool 3/65, Osama Basharat 4/28). Zone-V second innings: 99 (Muhammad Zohaib 41, Shaheryar Zafar 19, Azam Hussain 7/41, Shahzeb Khan 3/44). Zone-IV second innings: 128 for three (Khalid Latif 86, Zohaib Shakeel 19, Osama Basharat 2/32). Zone-II draw with Zone-VI at Asifabad Cricket ground. Zone-II first innings: 146 (Aamer Hassan 33, Hanagrir Shah 28, Abdul Jabbar Khan 21, Misbah Khan 6/49, Fawwad Khan 4/31). Zone-IV first innings: 282 for six declared (Fazal Subhan 25, Ramiz Raja 39, Naveed Khan 57, Akber Rehman 106 not out, Rizwan Khan 26, Ahmed Iqbal 2/63, Atif Ali Zaidi 1/29). Zone-II second innings: 238 (Aamer Hassan 24, Saeed bin Nasir 59, Abdul Jabbar Khan 73, Naeemullah 23, Misbah Khan 7/97, Faraz Ahmed 2/71). Zone-VI second innings: 44 for three (Fazal Subhan 17 not out, Ramiz Raja 21, Ahmed Iqbal 4/14). Zone-III draw with Zone-VII at TMC ground. Zone-III first innings: 387 for six (Zeeshan Jamil 35, Mir Afzal 34, Muhammed Sami 99 not out, Mansoor Ahmed 3/112, Junaid Ilyas 3/84, Raza ul Hasan 1/18). Zone-VII first innings: 256 for eight (Adnan Baig 42, Rashid Ali 30, Zakir Malik 26, Iqbal Shaikh 102 not out, Adnan Malik 7/114, Muhammed Ali 1/78). Zone-III second innings: 139 for two (Zeeshan Jamil 79, Murtaza Majid 81, Daniyal Ahsan 24 not out, Mansoor Ahmed 2/35).