ISLAMABAD Contradicting TheNations report on Saturday Farooqi gets first honorable exit Presidential Spokesman Farhatullah Babar claimed that Principal Secretary to President Salman Farooqui was not an NRO beneficiary. He has neither been convicted nor availed himself of any benefit under the NRO. As a matter of fact, a case that has been pending in an accountability court against him is still proceeding under the law, Babar added. According to the spokesman, Salman Farooqi has six stents inserted in his arteries and had a surgery for brain hematoma. He has undergone medical checkup in two major hospitals during the last six weeks and has been required to undergo six monthly medical evaluations. He was last medically checked up in the United States in March 2010 and another checkup was due in September. After his medical checkup in the US, Farooqi will resume his duties in the Aiwan-e-Sadr, he added in a contradiction issued on Saturday. Our Staff Reporter adds: This scribes sources did mention the fact which required Farooqis periodical medical checkup abroad as reported but they also underlined his departure, immediately after the PPP decision to shed the NRO beneficiaries except the President, the major part of the story that the spokesman did not deny, as part of it.