LAHORE - An Accountability Court, Lahore Saturday acquitted Secretary General, Pakistan Peoples Party, Jahangir Badr in two references previously moved by the NAB on the charges of amassing illegal assets beyond his declared means of income and unwarranted appointments in the SNGPL. After the acquittal from these references, all of the NAB cases against Jahangir Badr stand exhausted, according to reports. The court heard two NAB references against Jahangir Badr filed during the regime of Pervez Musharraf. One reference was related to amassing illegal assets while the other was against unwarranted appointments in the SNGPL during the last government of Benazir Bhutto when he was a minister. The petitioner has contested that the criminal references against him were inter alia on the ground that they were politically motivated to malign him and his party, which were conceded by the court. Jahangir Badar talking to media after acquittal in the accountability court said that fake cases were made against him and he had time and again maintained the cases were bogus, and the same has been ultimately proved before the court of law.