This is the defining moment of our history, the moment of our destiny, the moment for re-establishing rule of law, respect of institutional integrity and for decimating corruption and despotism. We can foreclose forever the possibility of breach of Article 6 and frustrate for good the heinous attempts of opportunists to use unconstitutional means to tarnish the respected institution of national defense. We can end illegitimate grab of power by the NROed corrupt that sell national institutions for peanuts and sacrifice national sovereignty on the altar of their own personal interests. Yes, this is the time for PML-N and Nawaz Sharif to come out once again and give a clarion call for support of the SCP judgment on Swiss accounts cases as the PPP government has been making an attempt to subvert that judgment. Nawaz Sharifs stature would be restored again to what it was during the Long March, on the day of 16-3-2009. He should not relent an inch now on this issue nor get trapped by Mr Zardaris fraudulent rhetoric of national reconciliation that has so ruined the nation. I would urge Nawaz Sharif to not lose this moment, issue a call according to need of the hour and let the PML-Q, TIP, JI, MMA and MQM join him later in the caravan for change. Only Nawaz Sharif can now bring the change that would empower the constitution, consolidate democracy, ensure independence of judiciary and rule of law in the country. He would find all people of the country behind him in this. Let this historic moment not be wasted. Seize it -NOOURE ZEENATE JEHAN, Dubai, September 24.