LAHORE Lahore High Court (LHC) Chief Justice Khawaja Muhammad Sharif has said that Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary, who did not budge under the pressure of four serving generals, is a living example for the judicial officers to perform their duties without any fear and favour. Addressing the certificate distribution ceremony held for civil judges on their completion of 12-week training course at Judicial Academy here Saturday, Justice Khawaja Sharif advised the judicial officers to always keep in view self respect of the lawyers and the litigants while hearing their cases and treat with equal respect both poor, and the rich, educated and the uneducated persons. The chief justice said all appointments in the judiciary were being strictly made on merit and transparently. The CJ said new court rooms are being established in the back of Aiwane Adal at LDA Plaza wherein ideal atmosphere and all necessary facilities would be available to the people. He reminded that air-conditioners have been installed in all courts at the lower level in the province and appreciated that judges were discharging their duties sitting long hours after due time and for that they are being given substantial salaries. He advised the newly inducted judges to perform their duties rising above greed and fear but keeping in mind the fact that they are discharging their responsibilities adhering to the commands of Allah, Almighty. Director of the Academy, Justice (r) Tanvir Ahmad Khan highlighted aims and objectives of the training course for judicial officers while a civil judge, Qaiser Imam on behalf of other colleagues, expressed his views on the occasion. The ceremony was also attended by Justice Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhry, Justice Iftikhar Husasin Chaudhry, Justice (r) Khalilur Rahman Khan, Sessions Judges and the senior lawyers.