It may not come as a surprise, but as confirmation, that the President of Pakistan himself gave the USA the go-ahead to go on carrying out its drone attacks; but it was still an unpleasant shock for this to be flagged abroad so definitively, as has been done by Bob Woodward in his latest book, Obamas Wars, in which he quotes President Zardari as telling US CIA Director Michel Hayden, Kill the seniors. Collateral damage worries you Americans. It does not worry me. The remarks are not confirmed, but, if true, would reflect the Presidents lack of concern for the ordinary Pakistanis being killed in the drone attacks. It also shows his belief that the Americans are concerned, even though the phrase 'collateral damage to mean the death of innocents was invented by them. Those killed in the drone attacks include mostly Pakistanis, including women and children, and the Americans do not care about them. However, their own government should, but the President is quoted as more or less egging on the Americans to do as much damage in the tribal areas as possible. If he did say what he is quoted as saying, it would be music to American ears, because their adventures in Vietnam caused the government there to raise protests, and if a government gives them carte blanche to kill as many of its own citizens as they want, the Americans would interpret that permission very broadly. As thought, it was virtually unthinkable for the USA to make so many drone attacks over such an extended period of time without tacit permission from the Pakistan government. Whatever the involvement of the previous government of Gen (retd) Pervez Musharraf, that of the present has been tied down to President Zardaris meeting in New York in November 2008 with the then CIA chief. The consequences of killing citizens of Pakistan are horrific, and amount to no less than murder. Is the President willing to face those consequences in addition to the corruption charges that have dogged him for so long, and keep on doing so even though he has become head of his party and now holds the countrys highest office? If he is not so willing, then the present revelations would prove very embarrassing. However, since the real masters that need to be pleased, going by this new evidence, are the Americans, the people of Pakistan, or their lives, probably do not matter. The only recourse open to the President is to prosecute the books author for libel, for to leave him unchallenged would be to admit the truth of what he has written, and thus serve as an admission before the people of Pakistan: those who are still alive so far, that is.