LAHORE - Speakers at a seminar have stressed the need of raising public awareness about dangers of unhealthy lifestyle and measures to avoid premature heart disease and stroke. They urged media to fulfil its responsibility regarding creating awareness about the health benefits of bringing a positive change in lifestyle. Punjab Union of Journalists organised the seminar 'Increasing heart disease and responsibility of media' to mark World Heart Day here at Alhamra on Saturday. Federal Parliamentary Secretary for Information Azeem Daultana was the chief guest. Prominent heart physicians Dr Shaharyar and Dr Shahid Hussain, pathologist Dr Umar Chughtai, MPA Dr Samia Amjad, senior journalist Anwar Qadwai and Rauf Tahir addressed the seminar. "Increasing heart disease, especially at quite a young age, is really alarming. Healthy lifestyle and use of balanced diet could avoid premature heart attack. People should avoid taking spicy meals and cold drinks. They should take simple diet, skimmed milk, vegetables and fruit, reduce physical inactivity and avoid smoking and alcohol consumption', the speakers said, adding, the media should play its due role of raising public awareness about measures that could avoid heart disease. Appreciating the role of media in highlighting the plight of people in flood-hit areas, Azeem Daultana said same spirit was required in raising awareness about benefits of healthy lifestyle. Dr Saharyar, only Muslim and Pakistani who served as President World Heart Federation, said lack of health awareness was causing considerable increase in heart disease. "Smoking is the biggest threat to health. Heart disease is on the rise in Pakistan. Next couple of decades are really challenging. We should take measures to improve individual health by promoting healthy lifestyle", the leading heart physician said, adding, quitting smoking, regular exercise, healthy food options, stress free environment and more access to fresh air were keys to good health. Dr Shahid Hussain said early precautionary measures could save people from heart disease and other health hazards. He said more access to fresh air kills health hazardous viruses and save people from coronary artery disease. Dr Umar Chughtai said there was need of giving attention to one's health. Dr Samia Amjad stressed upon continuing polices even after change of the government. She said the country had competent doctors and good healthcare facilities at hospitals and there was need of benefiting common man.