A man clubbed his sister in law to death owing to domestic dispute and the people by arresting the culprit handed over to the police. According to details a man Muhammad Nawaz, of 11-L village clubbed the wife of his younger brother (Khizar Hayat) to death owing to some domestic issues between the wives of both the brothers. The people of the village caught the man along with the iron-rod through which he had clubbed his sister in Law (Rani Bibi) and handed him over to police. Chicha Watni police carrying out preliminary medico legal investigations handed over the dead body Rani Bibi-30) to the heirs. Muhammad Nawaz husband of the deceased said that he was married to the deceased Rani Bibi,30, 10-year-ago and he had two sons and one daughter added during the scuffle he tried his best to restraint his brother but his brother (Nawaz) had become mad in anger.