ISLAMABAD (APP) - The water level at Manchhar Lake started to go down once again with water flowing out from breaches in RD 95, 96 and 97, on Saturday. The breaches widened to 4300-foot. However, the lake continues to receive water from FP Bund, a private news channel reported. According to Irrigation Department, the water pressure is persistently on the rise on protective embankments of Sehwan and Bhan Saeedabad, as Irrigation Department and Wapda are striving hard days in days out to buttress the dykes in view of potential breaches in defence dykes. The rescue operation in Pak Army and Navy is underway in the flooded areas and hundreds of flood affectees have been relocated to safe places. Meantime, water-besieged Juhi is still cut off on 25th consecutive day today, unleashing the shortage of eatables and potable water. Also, over 10,000 people are thus far marooned in flooded areas of FP Bund and Suprio Bund.