PESHAWAR Due to closure of Pak-Afghan border, containers, supplying different items to NATO forces in Afghanistan, have been parked on main Peshawar-Nowshera Grand Trunk (GT) Road, which has caused traffic problem. Lines of loaded trucks and containers can easily be seen parked on both sides of the main GT Road, as the Pak-Afghan boarder has been closed and the vehicles caused traffic jam in the provincial metropolis and its adjacent areas. The passengers, use the GT Road for traveling, complained that for the last two to three days the containers had been stuck on the main road, linking Peshawar with rest of the county, has created different traffic problems for them. Ashraf Ali, from Pabbi town, said that he was unaware as why the border had been closed, which had compelled drivers of the vehicles to park their heavy loaded containers and trucks on way to Afghanistan. He said that the vehicles could also create security problem so it would more be better if the government banned its parking and a specific site should be spared for such vehicles. In addition, he said that traffic mishap could also happen any time, because the containers had been parked on roadside, as it was the busiest highway in the province. A driver of a container who had parked his vehicle on roadside near Taro Jaba, in Nowshera district, Ghulam Shah, complained that he had no idea as why the Torkham border had been closed down. However, he said that the border had been closed down once in the near past when parliamentary elections were being held in Afghanistan. But this time, he was unaware as why the border had been closed, which had caused not only traffic problem, but also forced them to stay alongside their vehicles. It is worth mentioning here that line of loaded containers and trucks could be easily seen parked from Aman Garh to Taru Jaba.