LAHORE - Ch Shujaat's announcement regarding merger of PML-Q with PML-F of Pir Pagaro has spread confusion among the ranks of PML-Q, as senior party leaders considering other political options said that how a majority party could be merged with a party holding only few seats. The PML-Q insiders told this scribe on Saturday that these leaders opine that new political alignments after a greater alliance of various factions of Muslim Leagues would leave a little room for their political existence. A veteran politician and senior leader of PML-Q, Makhdom Faisal Saleh Hayat told this scribe that PML-Q was not merged with PML-F and Ch Shujaat had only assured Pir Pagaro that PML-Q was ready to achieve the common political goals, while Ch Shujaat had also given a mandate to PML-F Chief for uniting the various factions of Muslim Leagues under one umbrella. He said Ch Shujaat told the party leaders that he hadn't announced the merger of PML-Q with PML-F rather he (Shujaat) only assured Pir Pagaro to work for a greater alliance of various factions of Muslim Leagues to achieve common political interests and the merger announcement was symbolic. About the disappointment of some party leaders over the Ch Shujaat's announcement, which they said could jeopardise their political future, Faisal said political parties work on the basis of 'voluntary association' and they could not stop somebody if he wanted to form his own faction or group, however, he didn't foresee any such eventuality. Salim Saif Ullah, President PML-Q Like-Minded had said the other day that several party leaders in PML-Q contacted him to lead the party, as the Ch Shujaat had surrendered his command. Faisal rejecting Saif Ullah's statement said that at the moment Ch Shujaat was their president in the current set up of PML-Q, while the party had also announced to work under the leadership of Pir Pagaro, however changes in party offices could take place when more meaningful factions of Muslim Leagues would join the greater alliance of the Leagues.