LAHORE The 58th National Cycling Championship paddled off at Cycling Velodrome near Gaddafi Stadium on Saturday. President of Pakistan Railways Sports Board (PRSB) Muhammad Junaid Qureshi, who acted as a chief guest of the championship on Saturday, inaugurated the event. The first session (morning) of the championship saw Noor Alam of Sui Southern Gas Company winning two gold medals and created new national record in one kilometer time trial. Sabir (SSGC) also won gold medal in four kilometers individual pursuit. Although there is no dearth of talent in cycling in Pakistan yet lack of facilities and infrastructure has hampered the development of the sport in this part of the world country, he said. With the coordination of the Pakistan Cycling Federation, the PRSB hosting the nine-team event until September 28. All the affiliated units of the federation Army, Railways, Wapda, SSGC and all the four provinces including FATA will appear in the four-day show. Junaid said that cycling was quite popular in cities like Lahore and Karachi but due to lack of infrastructure, Pakistani cyclists had not made much headway at the international level. Pakistani cycling is short of Velodrome - a sporting arena purpose-built for track cycling. Modern velodromes feature steeply banked oval tracks, consisting of two nearly 180-degree circular bends connected by two straights. The straights transition to the circular turn through a moderate easement curve. Junaid called the annual Tour de Pakistan a truly riveting mega-event marked by some high fantastic, awe-inspiring cycling. He congratulated Pakistan Cycling Federation (PCF)s president Ch Nouraiz Shakoor Khan and secretary general Idris Haider Khawaja for playing an instrumental role in revitalising cycling as a sport in Pakistan. Pakistan have only one Velodrome in the Gulberg area of Lahore which was built in the 50s. No one cares to build another Velodrome since then and any decision in this issue will infuse new spirit among the cyclists and more and more cyclist will emerge, said Junaid, adding that if Pakistan want to bring laurels in cycling then at least one velodrome should be constructed in each province. Results are as under: One kilometer time trial (final): Noor Alam (SSGC) 1m.10s.07p (new national record), Zulfiqar Ali Wapda, Muhammad Rafique (Army), Sohail (Railways), Ashfaq (Punjab), Abdulah (Khaber PK). Foru km individual pursuit (final): Sabir (SSGC) 5m.15s.55p, Haroon Rashid (Wapda), Muhammad Rafique (Army), Ashfaq (Punjab), Wazir Ali (Railways), Zamer (Balochistan). 1000 meters sprint (final): Noor Alam (SSGC) 12s gold, Zulfiqar Ali (Wapda), Muhammad Rafique (Army), Ashfaq (Punjab), Sohail (Railways), Asif Jr (Sindh).