ISLAMABAD - Sugar price might be reduced to Rs 60 per kilogram in the next few months due to expected good sugarcane crop and import of raw sugar, which is recently allowed by Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the Cabinet besides removing 25 percent regulatory duty on it, it is learnt. ECC in its last meeting held on Tuesday decided to withdraw 25 percent regulatory duty on raw sugar and allowed private sector that includes millers and traders to import it. Due to this move, sugar price could be reduced by Rs 6 to Rs 8 per kg, as raw sugar proves cheaper than refined one, said an official of Ministry of Industries and Production while talking to TheNation. He further told that Government might accept the demand of Pakistan Sugar Mills Association (PSMA) to determine the quantity of raw sugar to be imported in the country. It is worth mentioning here that PSMA has demanded of the Government to fix the quantity of imported raw sugar at 0.5 million tonnes, so farmers could not be discouraged and did not face loss. On the other hand, the Government is expecting good sugarcane crop and estimating that countrys sugar production could reach to 3.6 million tonnes in the coming crushing season. The official of Food and Agriculture Ministry told that floods had destroyed only 10 percent crop, while rest of the 90 percent got good environment to grow, which would result in healthy output of the commodity, he added. The prices could be down to Rs 60 per kg from existing Rs 90 per kg if the Government imports raw sugar well in time, said a sugar miller while talking to TheNation on Saturday. He was of the view that Government could also save 0.1 million tonnes of sugar if its own decision regarding imposition of ban on sugar and gur export to other countries was implemented, as this could enhance the domestic stock and further decrease the price, he added.