According to a report in a section of press today, the Pakistan Navy Chief wants the Gwadar Port deal with Port Authority Singapore (PAS) cancelled. That sounds like a very timely suggestion from a person whose recommendation matters for security of the country. It is said that former PM Shaukat Aziz, who had served some period in Singapore as an international banker, had developed relations with the Singapore shipping authorities. The controversial port management deal of Gwadar during the Musharraf era in which PAS was exempted from paying any taxes for 20 years was a result of those relations. Some say astronomical commissions went into foreign bank accounts of the makers of that deal. Pakistan government actually displayed height of moral bankruptcy by refusing this deal to the Chinese who had actually financed building of Gwadar Port. They had naturally expected to have first right to run the Gwadar Post but were left twiddling their toes on the blue sea beach as PAS, actually an American company under Singapore flag, got control of the golden harbour of their dreams. -F Z KHAN, Islamabad, September 24.