LAHORE As the litigants fighting their cases in lower courts suffer because of auxiliary staff of these courts, the latter lot have rejected accusations of corruption and claimed that they earn a little bit more for the reason that they have to work for longer hours with their bosses at unsatisfactory salaries. This all is happening despite stern instructions from the Lahore High Court regarding corruption in lower courts. The judicial officers responsible for searching and curbing any instances of corruption with the lower courts staff -- are also unable to bridle them. The lower court employees busy in bagging money are not ashamed of their act of pocketing money because they always saved themselves under pretext of sitting in courts with judicial officers even after duty hours and their judicial officers who are dependent on complaints (if received against the supplementary staff) are also found unable to make the judicial system at lower courts corruption-free. The staffers said that current judicial system is also responsible and forced them to indulge in activity of taking illegal money from litigants as they must be freed after duty hours by their officers so that they could do second time job in order to manage their domestic budgets. Most of the employees challenged that even no governments giant planning could curb corruption forthwith and it would take a long time and authority concerned should introduce comprehensive planning for viable and corruption-free judicial system for providing earliest justice to litigants as well. The helping staff further said it would not be unfair to say that their judicial officers do not know about the collection of illegal money from litigants as the judicial officers are forced to neglect such activity because they know well that their staffers are working with them while sitting late in courts with them. This is another story that judicial officers were also forced to take action against their staff when complaints are forwarded to them by the litigants. When contacted litigants that that they should not offered illegal money to court staffers, they replied that staffers could give them suffering under different pretexts. So far the Lahore High Court and bars remained unable to curb such corruption as most of the lawyers said that they also could not run their business without such culture and they are also bound to follow such system because the helping staff always found annoyed when it was denied kharcha (corruption money). The ongoing corruption of lower staffers is evident from the recent address on Thursday of Lahore High Court chief justice Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhary to judges, lawyers and court staffers in which the CJ said that the staffers salary would be doubled but they should give assurance to him that they would work better and quit other activities affecting judicial system. On the other hand District and Sessions Judge Lahore Mujahid Mustaqeem Ahamd asserted that currently his judicial officers are working better. Giving his expert opinion, Lahore Bar Association president Shahzad Hassan Sheikh said that there would be no progress by sacking some judicial officers and staffers against complaints as legislation should be made to increase salaries of the courts helping staff. He also sought making new recruitments. He opined that information should be made available to lawyers and litigants about cause lists through internet like LHC, saying but this system so far has not been make feasible and practical at lower courts level owing to shortage of staffers as well. He said issue of increasing salaries of lower court helping staff along with their shortage at courts has so far not been resolved.