The All Parties Conference (APC) held on September 9, was a promising opportunity initiated by the Prime Minister to collectively ponder over the daunting challenges confronting our national security. Representatives from all political parties and security stakeholders attended the Conference. The significance and urgency of security situation was briefed to the audience by the Prime Minister and Interior Minister. Later Director General, Inter Services Intelligence; and Chief of Army Staff articulated for the participants, the severity, intricacy and complexity of the internal and external security of our country.

After thoughtful deliberation the participants of the All Parties Conference concluded on a unanimous resolution. The resolution admits that on ground there has been no improvement in law and order and security situation. This unanimous recognition of the main problem, which seems to be ineffective strategy, lead the participants to repose full confidence and support to Prime Minister and the Federal Government to formulate practical mechanisms to uproot this evil once and for all.

The most laudable aspect of government’s resolve shown in the unanimously adopted APC resolution is the emphasis on the sovereignty and integrity of our state territory and national prestige. The resolution quite loudly denounces the controversial and continued drone strikes on our soil. The government has already shown its efforts on diplomatic arena by acquiring support against the drone strikes by Secretary General of United Nation’s Security Council Mr Ban-ki-Moon.

The resolution also reached another milestone by clearly stating that government’s and all other security and political stake holders of our country will not be dictated by any foreign ‘think tanks’ especially by USA on issues of national importance. This is a loud, unanimous declaration of independent decision making which will ensure public trust on sincerity of the government. It has been a fact that majority of our public considers ‘War on Terror’, a foreign agenda and other’s war being imposed on us by USA. However, now the situation has changed, with the passage of time and after fighting the war on front line it has become our own problem.

Digging deep into our internal problems APC resolution showed its determination to “give peace a genuine chance” in order to mainstream estranged elements in Baluchistan but now given that the intent of the militants has become known, use of force must be resorted to.

The resolution also stresses on the provincial Government of Baluchistan to devise and implement peace process in accordance with requirements on ground. Sindh Provincial Government has also been urged by the participants of APC to fully enforce the jointly chalked out peace solution for reigning in the debilitating law and order situation in Karachi. Furthermore the APC resolution also reposed full support and trust in Prime Minister and federal government to fully implement national security strategy to yield desired results.


Lahore, September 20.