The capital city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was once again shaken by a shocking attack by suicide bombers, but this time they targeted the Christians community when they were offering their Sunday service in All Saints Church near Kohati Gate, Peshawar. This was the first suicide attack on the Christian community in Peshawar since the militants became active in this country.

It is definitely a case of criminal negligence on the part of the security personnel posted around the church. Sending condolence messages by various political leaders and condemnation of the attack is a routine matter and the public is fed up of such announcements .Paying rupees five lakhs to the heirs of each killed person is no compensation or replacement of the deceased. In this case where the government was expected to provide a fool proof security at the weekly worship place of a minority group, the home minister rather than making a speech condemning the attack and calling bad names to the attackers, should have resigned.

If this had happened in any civilized country heads would have rolled by now. We must set a trend where the people responsible are held responsible, and if they are not capable of doing their job they should be fired. Being an elected member does not mean that they bought this position!

We must also look closely at who is interested in destabilizing Pakistan or derailing the peace talks with the Taliban? Who is interested in taking control of our nuclear assets, by declaring Pakistan a failed state or having an unstable government? It is high time we identify our enemies and were bold enough to name them without caring for diplomacy in the larger interest of the country. Let us call a spade a spade and point finger at the obvious, knowing that RAW agents are behind this carnage in Peshawar. Claiming responsibility for such dastardly acts is a drama by the intelligence agencies. Anybody in the guise of Taliban, al-Qaida or any other banned organization can make a call and own up to it. Do we have any way of verifying the statements or do we, like idiots, believe any story fed to us? It’s time we really looked at what is happening and identified our enemies.


Lahore, September 23.