A day after CII’s decision to make no amendments to the blasphemy laws, PTI MNAs, led by Javed Hashmi called for the amendment of blasphemy laws to prevent exploitation for self-seeking purposes. Parliament members such as Shireen Mazari and Arif Alvi agreed, stating that if the loopholes existed, they must be fixed. The law, instead of protecting the religious freedom of the people, is usually used for marginalizing minorities and furthering political agendas by labeling someone as a ‘blasphemer’. The fact that a person can falsely accuse a young girl with Down's syndrome on charges of blasphemy, and can lead that child to leave the country out of fear for her life, means there is something very fundamentally wrong with the law.

The death of Salman Taseer is another case of where the law was abused. His words on the amendment process of this very law were used against him and claimed by some people as blasphemy, who then used it to justify his brutal murder. In a country already full to the brim with sectarian violence and minority rights transgressions, surely it’s the state’s responsibility to protect the marginalized as well. The problem is that it does not just end there. If the courts are perceived to have failed, then misguided people are likely to dispense their own warped version of justice. To allow every person to be able to implicate any perceived threat to themselves with a blasphemy case; all they really need is a few accomplices to back the story.

The nature of the charges is such, that in a society like Pakistan, once made they will never be forgotten. Even if disproven in a court of law, the accusation hangs like a cloud, and at times those declared innocent of the charge have not been let out of jail, for fear that a crazed mob would rip them to pieces. The death penalty in the blasphemy laws is a legal code, which translates into social sanction once a case is underway, no matter what the decision. Even if the laws are amended, that will only be the first right step taken, in a long journey. It’s a start. PTI should get it done.