Apropos the news that the government, on the behest of the protesting teachers of Karachi University, has decided to dole out a hefty compensation of Rs 20 million cash, coupled with a plot to the legal heirs of Dr. Shakeel Auj, who was murdered last week. Given the prevailing land prices, the total compensation would surely exceed Rs 30 million or more, just for a single person. Though I share the sorrow of the family in this hour of grief, we must remember that on an average around 6 to10 people are shot dead in Karachi every day, many are workers, labourers who have no finances to fall back on. More than 150 policemen lost their lives, in the line of duty, but none received such financial compensation, as offered to the heirs of Dr. Shakeel Auj.

The government deserves real credit for putting in such spineless performance, instead of taking action against the striking teachers of Karachi University, it has bowed down to their vociferous demands. I would have no objection, if the Governor or the Chief Minister had done the same from their personal kitty, but behaving like kings and dishing out public funds is really deplorable. Moreover, succumbing to such protest sets a precedent wherein next employees of another organization would go on strike and demand more hefty compensation, given the fact that we are living in a war zone.


Karachi, September 23.