Despite the parent’s best efforts to protect their children from getting hurt, one of the greatest sources of potential injury, which often goes unnoticed, is the heavy school bags they carry. On one hand progress is being made with e-classrooms, but on the other, there is no change with regard to schoolbags. In addition to regular books, kids now also carry guide books, reference books, stationary items, fancy geometry boxes, lunch boxes , all adding to the burden. Worst is that most of the classrooms are located on second and third floors, as first floor is for official use, meaning students have to slog that much more. To manage this weight, children bend downwards; which cause them to develop poor posture. What I recommend is that schools should provide students with lockers where they can keep the unnecessary books. If there is not enough space in the schools for lockers then they can install drawers, with locks, at the student’s desk.


Karachi, September 19.