The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is engaged in securing multi-million dollar investments for his country. New York Times depicted Mr Modi as Shiva, the cosmic dancer, as he manages to keep steady, by holding onto the American and Japanese flags on one side and willingly extending his hand towards a plump, slightly hesitant Asian, carrying a briefcase named ‘China’ on the other. The newspaper dubbed it ‘Modi’s diplomacy.’ Even though India and China are not the best of friends, Modi is pushing hard to acquire a resolution to the border disputes with China. Pakistan on the other hand has always been fortunate enough to maintain good relations with China but, the protests in the capital put such collaborations at risk. Mr Modi is scheduled to meet the American President, during the session of United Nations General Assembly in New York, accompanied by a reception at the Madison Square Garden, which has been funded in its entirety ($1.6m) by the Indian American community. Mr. Sharif on the other hand will leave Pakistan with unresolved issues, pertaining to the devastating floods and an angry mob at his door step. He is not expected to meet Barack Obama or Modi nor talk on any demanding issues faced by the country. One can only question the efficacy behind participating in this session, with a budget of $400,000 being wasted on this trip. Maybe he needed a vacation from the pressing needs of the flood victims and the million other problems Pakistan faces?


United Kingdom, September 23.