FAISALABAD-The joint meeting of district administration, police, parliamentarians and District Peace Committee was held here at DCO office to discuss the Muharram arrangements.

DCO Salman Ghani and CPO Afzal Ahmad Kausar briefed the participants about the Muharram administrative and security arrangements . The DCO appreciated the sincere services of the clerics and said that the district administration had devised comprehensive strategy in this regard.

He said that joint visit with parliamentarians, local bodies representatives and members of peace committees would also be carried out to check the Muharram routes and flaws would be redressed immediately. He said that the cooperation of peace committee members was very important to solve the some religious issues.

CPO Afzal Ahmad Kausar identified the flash points and expressed his determination for making the Muharram security plan a success. He said that the security staff had been imparted with special training for effective implementation of arrangements. He said that the code of conduct in connection with Muharramul Harram would be implemented and no one would be allowed to carry arms and use of loudspeakers. He said that search operation would be carried out regularly. He asked the peace committee members to keep vigilant and inform the law enforcement agencies if found suspicious activities.

During the meeting, the parliamentarians stressed a need for unity in the wake of tense situation at the boundaries of Pakistan. They said that the govt was taking serious efforts for maintaining peace and elaborated measures had been taken for observance of Muharram peacefully.

They said that the Ulema had played pivotal role for the protection of peace and joint efforts would be mobilised for the purpose. They stressed taking care of citizens and said unnecessary roads and ways not be blocked in the name of security arrangements .

He directed suitable strategy for blocking the roads for security. The members of the Peace Committee pledged their full cooperation, and said that they would perform their duties for the promotion of peace, brotherhood and mutual respect as per their previous traditions. They determined that the nefarious designs of the enemies of Pakistan and Islam would be foiled.