Islamabad - The conservation work of the Buddhist site `Ban Faqiran’ atop Margalla Hills in the federal capital has not been started yet due to the negligence of the concerned authorities.

According to official source, the excavation work of the site `Ban Faqiran’ was completed during the month of March after which the conservation process was supposed to be started by the concerned Department of Archaeology and Museums (DOAM).

The source said various important archaeological sites in the capital including `Sarai Kharbuza’ and others are falling prey to the natural elements and damages by the locals due to non-preservation by authorities.

The archaeological sites, after excavation, need conservation measures by the experts time to time and its conservation is supposed to be a frequent activity to save this precious heritage for future generations, attracting the tourists. The excavation of the fourth heritage site of `Ban Faqiran’, which is around 2000 years old, in capital was the first ever field activity undertaken by the DOAM after the 18th amendment of the constitution, the source revealed.

The antiquities dug out from excavated site were housed in the museum for conducting research, imparting education, promoting tourism and providing recreation to visitors.

The objectives of this project, worth Rs two million, were to reconstruct the ancient cultural profile, establish antiquities and explore, excavate and preserve potential archaeological sites in the federal Capital, the official source said.

Besides this, it will reflect soft image of the country when foreign visiting dignitaries or delegates will see the heritage sites and the museum, housing the antiquities.

Giving the background, the source revealed that the funds for excavation and preservation of this Buddhist site were provided by the National Fund for Cultural Heritage (NFCH) in April 2015 and its excavation commenced in August 2015.