VEHARI- Choked sewerage system in Muslim Town is a clear proof of the indifference being shown by the elected representatives and the district administration regarding public miseries, residents said.

Talking to the media at Press Club Vehari, local people said that the politicians and district officers including DCO and TMO are very indifferent to the welfare of the people.

They said that sanitation system of Muslim Town is choked and all the roads of the city are full of sewerage, due to which thousands of people are facing troubles. They said that no project of sanitation had been started since last 12 years even after multiple protests.

The people are unable to pass through the streets and roads, and the TMA officials concerned take no measures to save the locality despite area residents’ repeated complaints.

The residents say if immediate remedial steps were not taken, the situation could result in outbreak of diseases. The people requested to DCO Ali Akbar Bhatti to take note of the issue which made the people’s life pathetic.

To a question, TMO Mian Azhar said that the administration was working on entire area and the situation will be improved soon.