LAHORE - Mayo Hospital’s Cardiology Department, one of the oldest coronary care centre in the region, is not taking serious patients as its emergency department lacks equipment and trained staff.

The cardiology department having 20 beds in ward and another 20 at Coronary Care Unit (CCU) is treating only cold cases. In the absence of cardiologists and cardiac machines alongside beds in Emergency, serious patients are either verbally asked to go to Punjab Institute of Cardiology or referred to medical ward where they usually develop more complications.

At the time of establishment and following years, Mayo Hospital’s Cardiology Department continued to provide quality treatment facilities to the patients besides offering post graduate training to doctors. The level of services deteriorated with every passing year and worsened after establishment of PIC.

“The emergency department lacks bed allocation for cardiac patients. On arrival of a patient, duty doctors call cardiologist from the ward. This causes delay in provision of treatment that usually cause deterioration in condition of patients,” said a doctor performing duty at Emergency Department.

“Most of the patients need immediate installation of pacemakers but it does not happen due to absence of cardiologists. Patients are either referred to the medical ward not having necessary cardiac monitors or verbally asked to go to PIC or somewhere else,” he added.

He quoted incident of shifting of Medical Superintendent of Mayo Hospital to the PIC about one year back. “MS Dr Amjad Shahzad felt pain in chest when he was at his office in the morning. But he could not receive treatment at the hospital due to lack of trained staff and dysfunctional equipment including the angiography machine.

“He had to be shifted to the PIC where his angiography was carried out.”

He told The Nation that the Health department has been requested to establish a five bed infrastructure at Emergency exclusively for the cardiac patients to develop a proper referral system. “Despite shortage of specialists and dysfunctional equipment, the Cardiology Department is capable to deal serious patients provided there is proper set up at the Emergency.

“Besides 15 regular PG trainees, 20 come to the department on rotation basis. Faculty, PG trainees and trained team of MOs/WMOs are quite capable to revive the oldest heart care centre in Lahore. It will also help reducing burden on PIC,” he added.