LONDON: The MQM, representing Mohajirs in Sindh has finally met its fate as its founder, Altaf Hussain has tasked a senior leader based in London Nadeem Nusrat to organise a new set-up of the MQM in Pakistan after the party split effectively into London and Pakistan chapters, with the later openly defying the former’s set-up and refusing to listen to the demands of resignations.

Reliable sources said that the MQM founder has made Nadeem Nusrat in charge of every single affair of the party and tasked him to immediately begin work on setting up a pro-founder MQM in Karachi.

“The party's founder is angry, sad and frustrated at the recent turn of events and he believes he has been humiliated by his own colleagues, he thinks he has been let down by the very people who had vowed to stand by him through thick and thin,” a source in MQM-London was quoted as saying by a private TV channel.

He said that Nadeem Nusrat is the new leader who has the full backing of the party founder. However he is unlikely to return to Pakistan, as he is facing many cases which are pending in courts.

“He has become the most powerful person in whatever is left of the MQM and the party's founder trusts him the most, therefore he has been given the task of forming a new party,” said the source. 

A trusted source in the MQM said the party's founder doesn’t take any decision without consulting Nadeem Nusrat .

“In fact, all recent decisions in the MQM have been taken by Nadeem Nusrat . As far Wasay Jalil and Mustafa Azizabadi are concerned, they are aides to Nadeem Nusrat ,” he added.