Raising voice, expressing one’s opinions on the most debated topic Gender Equality has become a trend from past few years. So following the trend, I too, having the streaks of liberalism, want to make my stance heard on the topic. Everybody seems to be so obsessed with gender equality and demands to give equal rights to both the genders, stresses to treat men and women in equilibrium but to sad demise, no any substantial efforts seem to be put into action. No denial to the fact that equating the rights of women with men will not only give boost to the economic development of the country but it would also be accommodating in making our country socially and environmentally developed as well; a place where the human rights “not only men’s rights” are ensured. Although gender equality is a concept that prevails and holds an importance in every culture whether they belong to developed world or underdeveloped, yet only a few number of countries seem to provide equal rights to women as that of men. 

However, at the same time, it is not inarguable that other factors such as poverty, environmental issues may seem to be consequences which obstruct the way to it. Keeping all issues aside, the two major issues related to gender equality are education and literacy. In spite of living in 21st century, majority of the girls in rural areas, northern areas are deprived of getting education, let alone quality education. Such discrimination is very vivid and it also creates disparity which is clearly shown if we happen to look at the statistical data that two the third world women are illiterate. Undeniably, women are now no step back to men in any field be it technology, medicine, education, research, sports, but it is a bitter reality that such fraction of women excelling in their field is limited. 

Cutting the debate short, it is a high time to take some serious measures to give equal support, appreciation, financials incentive to our women, if we seriously want our country to prosper. 


Karachi, Sept 18.