ISLAMABAD, September: Pakistan has contacted International Arbitration Court (IAC) against India following the failure of talks on Ratle and Kishanganga hydropower projects.

According to Indus Water Commission (IWC) India did not accept Pakistan stance on these issues by showing intransigence during several sessions of talks held between the two countries , which is why Pakistan decided to raise this issue on international forum.

IWC sent a letter to IAC whereby it has been stressed that solution to this problem be found.

Declaring construction of Kishanganga and Ratle hydro power projects as a blatant violation of Indus Water Treaty (IWT) Pakistan has expressed its reservations over it.

Pakistan has taken the plea that under IWT, water of rivers including the 3 western rivers namely Sindh, Jhelum and Chenab has been allocated for it. On the other hand India while violating IWT pertaining to distribution of water of rivers Jhelum and Chenab has started constructing an 850 megawatt Ratle and 330 megawatt Kishanganga dams over them.

Pakistan is of the view that the dam’s design was changed due to these projects resulting in a remarkable decrease in water supply to Pakistan.