Vice President of Indian National Congress, Rahul Gandhi , on Monday narrowly missed a shoe hurled at him during his road show in Sitapur district.

Travelling atop an open-air vehicle as part of a social campaign, Gandhi was busy folding the sleeves of his kurta when a shoe came hurtling towards him.

The shoe missed him narrowly but hit another Congressman, who could not be identified.

As his cavalcade progressed from the spot, the Nehru-Gandhi scion hinted at a political hand behind the attack.

“I want to tell the BJP-RSS people, throw as many shoes on me as you want. I am not going to step back,” said Gandhi.

“Your anger is your weakness. Even if you offer it to me I am not going to take it. I have forgotten about the shoe.”

The young man accused of hurling the shoe was whisked away by police and taken into custody. Identified as Hariom Sharma, the youth claimed he was a journalist and so far his political affiliation was not known.

“The Congress has left the country in the dumps in the last 60 years,” he told media persons before being led away in a police van.

The youth also accused the Congress of giving farmers nothing but false promises.

“I have been a journalist for last two years. I have been so upset. They talk of bijli bill half (reduction in electricity bill by 50 per cent) and karza maaf (loan waiver). In the last 60 years while they were in power they did not waive...”

Courtesy: The Hindu