BAJAUR AGENCY -  Officials of the security forces vowed here on Sunday that action against militants and their supporters will continue till elimination of last terrorist in the region.

Though exemplary peace and writ of the government had been restored in the agency, but all out efforts would be used to crush the militants and their supporters, they said while speaking at a ceremony held in connection with replacement of Command of Sector Commander of Pak Army’s North command, here in Bajaur Scouts headquarters Khar.

Senior officials of security forces and local administration, including Commandant Bajaur Scouts Colonel Nayyar Zaman, Assistant Political Agent Muhammad Ali, tribal elders and members of peace committees, political and traders were in attendance. On the occasion, Brigadier Muhammad Ziaul Islam handed over the command stick to Brigadier Amir Kiani.

Speaking at the function, Brig Muhammad Ziaul Islam said the security forces with the support of tribesmen and local administration had successfully eliminated militants and their supporters from Bajaur Agency.

He said that writ of the government and peace had been restored in the entire region while the agency had been secured from militants activities.

The outgoing sector commander paid tribute to the trial elders and local people over their valuable efforts and sacrifices in fight against militants in the agency.

He said that the people of Bajaur agency were loyal and devoted citizen of the country who had played an exceptional role in defeating militants and their sympathizers in the agency.

According to him, he had served in several areas of the country, but did not see the peace loving, committed and devoted people like Bajaur Agency.

He assured the participants that he will never forget Bajaur and its people and the time spent here will be the golden period of his career.

Speaking on the occasion, the newly appointed Sector Commander Brig Amir said that he will continue the policy of his predecessor to rid the agency of militancy and anti-peace elements.

He called the tribal elders to continue supporting the forces in keeping peace and writ of the government in the agency.

On the occasion, the elders and members of peace committee assured the sector commander about supporting the security forces in fight against militants.