HAFIZABAD -Martyrdom of Hazrat Hussain (RA) teaches unity to the Muslim Ummah for the glorification of Islam and foiling evil designs of anti-Islam forces, said Special Branch SSP Muhammad Afzal Butt.

Addressing a gathering of Ulema from different schools of thoughts, he urged them to teach the public the lesson of tolerance and intersect harmony. He also asked them to keep sharp eye on suspects and informed special branch if they find any suspicious activity around them. He also informed them about the approved routes for the mourning processions, warning that violators of the routes will be dealt with an iron hand.

Later, the SSP visited the Special Branch office and directed the officials for further improvement in their performance.

ULEMA BANNED: Meanwhile, the district administration banned 13 Ulema of different schools of thoughts from visiting the district for the next two months.

According to official sources, the administration also barred them from delivering speeches to keep peaceful atmosphere during Muharramul Haram, especially on Ashura.

The Ulema include: Maulana Zia Ullah Shah Bukhari, Maulana Syed Sabtain Haider Naqvi, Maulana Abdul Rauf Yazdani, Maulana Azhar Hussain Haidri, Allama Raja Nasir Abbas, Maulana Asif Raza Alvi and others.