After the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif from the Supreme Court, there have been immediate and unequivocal responses from around the country. Following this, Pakistan witnessed two major events, first being the selection of Shahid Khaqan Abbasi as new Prime Minister, who remains to be involved in alleged corruption of 200bn rupees in LNG case. Second major event, was the damning press conference of Ayesha Gulalai, putting serious allegations on Imran Khan Niazi.

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi’s name was nominated as Prime minister in a party meeting held in Punjab house and chaired by “disqualified” PM Nawaz Sharif. In his first speech he smugly said that Nawaz Sharif will again be selected as our new PM. There were banners of the disqualified Ex PM in the assembly too. This shows how popularism has affected our politics such that disqualified people who can’t legally hold a party leadership nominate new PM’s while all MNA’s clap over the decision. Questions are being raised over the nomination of PM candidate by Nawaz Sharif now and can we say that this event shows how prominent persons in our politics are more central and strong than the institutions such as Supreme Court?

Regarding Ayesha Gulalai’s conference, we need to see the timing and responses of the masses, media and women workers of PTI over this. Without any investigation or media trial, people were quick to bash Gulalai over accusing Imran Khan. For instance, even if we say some of these allegations were true, she would still not have dented the image of Khan, for this happened right after PM’s disqualification. The media was also quick to find logical issues in Gulalai’s allegations and explanations. Whether or not these allegations were true, but similarly as Nawaz, Imran khan is also reaping benefits of the popularity mechanism in politics.

In both these events, common man lost both battles, firstly of not being able to keep a disqualified man from nominating a new PM, and the battle of morality by defending/accusing khan and Gulalai and for not sparing and ridiculing her family as well.


Islamabad, September 8.