LODHRAN-Though divided on all the other issues, the owners of schools being run under the Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) have unanimously decided not to raise the teachers' salaries.
They have decided that their salaries will not be increased in any way and the reminder notice dated April 6, 2016 issued by the foundation about their pay salary will be violated.
According to the information acquired during a The Nation survey, the PEF had issued a notice as reminder to PEF schools throughout District Lodhran on 6th of April 2016 which was received by almost all the schools during the second week of April. In the notice, the PEF ordered the schools owners to raise the teachers' salaries as per the raise in students' fee. As soon as that notice was received by PEF schools owners, they started contacting with one another to make some joint plan of action to deal with the situation.
Two PEF schools owners played a role of bridge in the decision as they took all school owners on board and decided that no pay raise would be given to the teachers. However, they also decided, fake audit reports of heave expenses will be presented to PEF to show losses.
It was also decided that each of PEF school will show at least Rs100,000 expense of generator. Meanwhile, a school showed Rs232,000 as the monthly diesel expense of generator means Rs8,000 expense daily. In reality the expense is no more than a Rs1,000 per day.
Another method of showing expense was invented by the schools is that they show expenses of events like Defence Day, Independence Day and others national events. However, in reality, no such event is held in these schools. The PEF school owners are swallowing the funds and not willing to share the benefit with the teachers.
Over 15,000 cases disposed
during eight months
Local courts disposed of 15,390 cases during the past eight months in which criminals were either sentenced to death or imprisoned and fined huge amount of money. According to the courthouse sources, Additional District and Sessions Courts of Lodhran, Kehror Pakka and Dunyapur heard a total of 7,214 cases and gave verdicts. Senior Civil Judges courts and civil judges gave verdicts on 8,176 cases throughout the district.
Civil courts imprisoned criminals and fined them Rs5.15 million. Additional District and Sessions courts also imprisoned criminals and imposed huge fines.